The Beastly Windows Smartphone That Combines PC Power And Portability

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This device can be your PC

When Microsoft announced its goal of unifying Windows 10 software across PC, tablets, phones, game consoles and even Pi-powered micro computers, the future seemed promising. Now here’s the new Elite x3 that is pitched by HP as `one device that is every device’.


In essence, they mean it’s built to take advantage of Continuum, the feature that turns Windows 10 phones into lightweight desktop operating systems. HP even created its own dock so you can transform it from smartphone to PC at any moment. For a quick refresher, this is what we’re talking about when we say `Continuum’: With the help of a hub, your Windows phone becomes a lightweight PC. That’s neat.

The Elite x3 is all about business.The company claims a one-deviceto-rule-them-all makes securing corporate networks way easier than the current bring-your-own-device system many companies use.


It has a Bang & Olufsen front-facing speaker, the new Snapdragon 820 processor and a 5.95-inch quad HD display. On paper the phone is almost the same size as an iPhone 6s Plus and even feels similar with smooth, rounded edges. Though it comes with a soft-touch plastic back instead of a full aluminium body, with those guts and that exterior, the Elite X3 could be a winner.

For gadget lovers who are Windows phone stalwarts, this could be the phone to hold you over until Microsoft’s elusive Surface Phone shows up (if it ever does).